Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cowgirl Boots

So, hello, friiieeeeends..... how do I greet you on the blog? Say 'hi' and then dive into the body of the post? I really don't know. How does my mom do it? Mysteries.

 Focus. Cowgirl boots. Okay. Have you ever looked at something you have and felt so exited that you have it? Like you feel really blessed? Yeah that's what I'm feeling now. I HAVE COWGIRL BOOTS! AND THEY'RE REALLY CUUUUTTTTTE! I was looking on eBay for some riding boots for my riding lessons tomorrow (yay!) and they are "used". Suuuuuuurrrrre. Okay, so you used it to test the durability of your velvet mats? I see. Oh, and you bought these for how much? $200? Okay. then I buy it for a quarter the price on ebay? Sweetness.

 Now for some cute pictures.... (Ceci also needed some pictures of her boots:)

and the design....


 Best Tony Lama Boots ever!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

History Awesomeness

 Hi everybody, I'm sorry I've haven't been on so much, (like I ever WAS on so much at any time in my life) but I've been so wrapped up in the at most 2 hours of school I've been doing. Yeah, it's rough.

 This post actually has to do with school, and I must give myself, and my mother, a pat on the back for my mom's great idea, and my awesome 'doing the idea' -ness.
 So this year my mom says that for history I don't have to do the questions about the history chapter, because, let's face it, I got a "grade 13" grade on my comprehension test. Yep. Grade 13. Whaaaat?
 So instead of that thing that I don't need (or else I'll get bumped up to "grade 14") I'll do a project on what I learned in history over the week. So, each week I'll put up a picture of the "totally awesome" project I did over the week.
  I learned about Cuneiform last week that Sumerians used on clay tablets as a way of writing. so I went outside to take some pictures, and , of course, my dog wouldn't leave me alone, because what dog doesn't love me? Aaaanyway, I got some great shots of her.

 And it turns out that a cloudy day is better for taking pictures, so the outside picture is more pretty, and the inside picture is more read able.
  thank you for reading my whole ramblings about my life
 Oh yes, and the Sumerians didn't poke holes in them, because THEY didn't want to hang them in their room. Sillies.