Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oliver! have no book to review this fine Wednesday, so I'm going to give you a review on a play called Oliver! On Saturday, after dinner Katy, my mom and I got into the car, and drove (after much turning around) to Comstock Community Auditorium to see Oliver!.  We settled into our seats and after hearing the "No Food and No Photography," warnings the lights dimmed and the curtain went up... and the play started. When the opening scene singing started I braced myself for the worst. But it never came. The singing was fabulous! The play was humorous and quality. The light design was ingenious, and the costumes were great. The orphan's clothing was especially good because of all the little details. The pants were slightly too short, and the the sleeves were too. The sets were awesome! the main structure could be used as a house, the London bridge, and much more (it's a three hour play, what do you expect?). The lighting... how can I even explain? In the scary scene, everyone was a silhouette, to make it all the more scarier! when the curtain went down, I joined everyone in screaming: "It can't be over!" again and again. and I plan to keep that special ticket to Oliver! all my life. It was the best play ever.

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