Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cowgirl Boots

So, hello, friiieeeeends..... how do I greet you on the blog? Say 'hi' and then dive into the body of the post? I really don't know. How does my mom do it? Mysteries.

 Focus. Cowgirl boots. Okay. Have you ever looked at something you have and felt so exited that you have it? Like you feel really blessed? Yeah that's what I'm feeling now. I HAVE COWGIRL BOOTS! AND THEY'RE REALLY CUUUUTTTTTE! I was looking on eBay for some riding boots for my riding lessons tomorrow (yay!) and they are "used". Suuuuuuurrrrre. Okay, so you used it to test the durability of your velvet mats? I see. Oh, and you bought these for how much? $200? Okay. then I buy it for a quarter the price on ebay? Sweetness.

 Now for some cute pictures.... (Ceci also needed some pictures of her boots:)

and the design....


 Best Tony Lama Boots ever!


    And those pictures are amazing, you should do professional boot photography...(is that a thing??)

    1. Oh, yeah.

      (as of two seconds ago..... but still!!)