Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gnome Sighting in Borobia Wildlife Preserve! **UPDATE**: She-Gnome Befriends Photographer.

      On October 18th, 2015 on a wildlife preservation called "The Loony Bin" near Bedford, MI. A young woman spotted a strange peaked-capped individual sauntering through the woods. She immediately called in an experienced wildlife photographer, who grabbed her mother's iphone expensive camera, and hurried to the scene.

 Upon arrival, the photographer, Elizabeth, followed the trail of tiny footprints leading out into the heart of the preserve.  On her way Elizabeth photographed small grassy trails, possibly of gnome construction:

Subtle grassy trail off of main path.

      After settling under the boughs of preservation pine trees, Elizabeth prepared for a long wait, camera at the ready. Fortunately, she did not have to wait long. After a few minutes, she heard quick footsteps, and occasionally a grunt, and soon a grey capped fellow came into view.

He-Gnome, Dubbed "Chuck"
  The gnome, who was quickly nicknamed Chuck, was about two and a half feet tall, and was stocky and big cheek'd. He did not seem to very interested in Elizabeth, nor did he seem frightened. Elizabeth came to the conclusion that Chuck must have seen humans before, and therefore, gnomes must be agile and elusive most of the time around the preserve.

      Elizabeth followed Chuck through the preserve at a distance and snapped some adorable intriguing photos of chuck.

And Elizabeth also managed to shoot a video of chuck frolicking and laughing to himself.

But Chuck quickly waddled from view, and Elizabeth started back to the preserve service building with her photographs. But she saw a flash of red in the brilliantly green pines.

       A She-gnome (AKA "Mrs. Gnome") was bumbling about and eating clover and talking to herself.

 Mrs. Gnome caught Elizabeth's eye and came over to her. Mrs. Gnome had round brown eyes and a Dreamy expression, and soon proved to be scatterbrained and absorbed in thought. Mrs. Gnome shyly greeted Elizabeth in perfect English.  Elizabeth returned the greeting and Mrs Gnome immediately warmed up and insisted on showing Elizabeth different plants and gnome dwellings.

Mrs. Gnome shows Elizabeth around the network of hidden gnome paths.

Mrs. Gnome's Current dwelling under the pines.

Mrs. Gnome shows Elizabeth her "brown and black worm" named Caddie.

At the end of the day Mrs. Gnome bid farewell to Elizabeth and Elizabeth returned home... But not without taking a selfie!

Before saying goodbye to Mrs. Gnome, Elizabeth had to have a selfie!

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  1. Fascinating creature lurk about in the woods of Michigan - ahem - magical wildlife preserves.